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Victorious Behavioral Health Services  is a behavioral health care network whose mission is to use a holistic care approach to assist our clients in achieving victory in behavioral and mental health. The goal of Victorious Behavioral Health Services is to meet the individual health needs of clients requiring outpatient treatment programs. Our agency treats those with addictions and other behavioral/mental health issues. 

We are equipped with dedicated mental/behavioral health professionals who want to help residents of Southern Nevada receive the highest quality of care and achieve VICTORY in Behavioral Health. We offer outpatient treatment and rehabilitative services for youth and adults in the community, as well as services for children with intellectual disabilities. 

We offer services for those dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, adolescent issues, anger, addictions, adjustment disorder, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, relationship and family issues, neglect, physical and emotional abuse, and other severe or persistent mental health issues.  


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Our Services

Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment

Our qualified mental health professional will conduct an extensive assessment to determine psychiatric difficulties and diagnosis, emotional and social adjustment issues, functionality problems, intensity of needs, and psychological performance of our clients. 

Psycho-social Rehabilitation (PSR)

PSR services are provided to help individuals with mental health disabilities develop emotional, social, and intellectual skills needed to live, learn and work in the community. 

Psychiatric Services

Our on-call psychiatrists will conduct a psychiatric evaluation and assessment of our clients and prescribe medications as needed. Our psychiatrists will also facilitate medication management and oversee our client’s treatment plan.

Basic skills training (BST)

BST services are provided to service clients with age and developmentally inappropriate cognitive and behavioral skills. Through this service we will assist in reducing cognitive and behavioral impairments of our recipients. 


VBHS offers individual, group, and family therapy to all clients. The frequency and duration of these therapies will be determined by an individualized treatment plan. These sessions will be geared towards helping our clients achieved the highest level of functionality. 

intensive outpatient rehabilitation program (IOP)

IOP is a service that is used to primarily treat eating disorders, depression, self harm and chemical dependence that does not rely on detoxification. All participants of IOP will receive individualized treatment plans that include a variety of therapeutic interventions. 


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