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Comprehensive mental health assessment

During a scheduled session, our QMHP will conduct an assessment to determine if our clients have mental health needs and the extent to their needs. This assessment will allow the QMHP to create a rehabilitative treatment plan and determine the ways in which VBHS can be of assistance to our client. This assessment utilizes the evidence based practice of the Children's Uniform Mental Health Assessment and the Uniform Mental Health Assessment. This assessment will assess family history, community involvement, mental and medical history, spiritual beliefs, thought patterns, feeling, age, and many other areas. 

group therapy

VBHS provides group therapy to help our clients better understand themselves in the context of their relationships with others t help them make more informed, healthy, and adaptive choices. VBHS hosts group sessions with 3-15 individuals, these sessions are facilitated by our QMHP. The goal of this group session is to help our clients have a deeper awareness of their feelings, interpersonal behaviors, reactions and pattern through conversation and interaction with other individuals. VBHS uses evidence based practices to achieve these goals. 

basic skills training (BST)

VBHS provides BST services to our clients with age and developmentally inappropriate cognitive and behavioral skills. This service is performed by our QBAs or QMHAs in a community setting focused on skills training in areas such as basic living and self-care, social, communication, parental training, organization and time management, and transitional living. VBHS utilizes this service to help reduce the duration and scope of care to the least intrusive level of mental and/or behavioral health care possible will maintaining our client's overall health. 

Case management

Case Management is a service VBHS offers to assess, plan, facilitate, and advocate for options and services to meet not just the health needs of our client's but also their life needs. Our case managers will utilize the initial and comprehensive assessments of our clients to provide this service, the focus is to provide holistic care to our clients. VBHS will actively work to connect our clients with community resources for employment, address their physical health needs and refer them to appropriate physicians, connect them with resources for affordable housing, advocate for their inclusion, and many other things. 

mental health screening 

VBHS believes in preventative measures and they way we help in this area is by conducting a mental health screenings that assists in early identification of mental health issues. This helps us begin intervention methods for our clients, if needed. We utilize various evidence based questionnaires which are geared toward assessing and finding out if the recipient may have a behavioral/mental health need. The screening results will be used in the comprehensive mental health assessment.  This screening will determine levels of needs, case management needs, and another needs of our clients. We use this service to help our clients obtain the highest quality of care. 

family therapy

VBHS believes in the importance of families and that is why we offer family therapy. We use this service to help facilitate positive family interactions and deal with issues relating to the constructive integration/re-integration of the client to their family. VBHS encourages family members to identify how specific behaviors affect them, others, and learn ways to relate with one another, resolve conflicts, and maintain open communication between all members of the family. VBHS uses evidence based practices to help facilitate these sessions. 

Medication management

VBHS provides medication management, training, and support to our clients who are receiving medication for their mental and behavioral needs. This service is used to ensure that the medications being subscribed by our clients is working effectively. Medication management will be used to monitor the effectiveness of the medications our clients are being prescribed, as well as their symptoms and side effects. VBHS staff will do adequate research on the medications our clients are receiving and educate our clients about the medications.


VBHS understands that one of the first steps to clients receiving the great quality of care is for the clients to have adequate transportation to and from appointments. This improves the mobility of our clients and their access to care. VBHS wants to decrease the number of clients who do not have access to behavioral and mental health services due to lack of reliable transportation. We utilize city public transportation, UBER/Lyft, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, and our office staff for transportation services. VBHS makes strides to address this public health issue by ensuring our clients have transportation.

individual therapy

Clients of VBHS will participate in direct one-on-one sessions with our QMHP based on the treatment plan recreated from the Comprehensive Assessment. These sessions are meant to provide our clients with a comfortable, safe, caring, and individualized atmosphere to discuss treatment goals and objectives with their QMHP. In these sessions clients are encouraged to explore their feelings, beliefs, behaviors, challenges, memories, and/or experiences. Our QMHP will utilize the evidence based practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The goal of individual therapy is to help restore our clients to their highest level of functioning.

psycho-social rehabilitation (PSR)

PSR is a service that VBHS provides to help our clients who have mental and behavioral issues develop emotional, social, and intellectual skills needed to live, learn, and work in the community with the least amount of professional support. This service will be performed by our dedicated QMHA in an array of community settings to provide interactions such as behavior management, social competency, problem identification and resolution, effective communication, moral reasoning, identity and emotional intimacy, self-sufficiency, and life goals. 


Neurotherapy is a service that VBHS uses to as a treatment for mental health disorders. Neurotherapy is individual psychological therapy incorporating biofeedback with psychotherapy. VBHS will utilize biofeedback during, before, and/or after the therapy sessions of our clients to prevent or treat conditions such as migraines, chronic pain, incontinence, and high blood pressure. VBHS will use the method to teach our clients how to control their bodily function  especially in situations of mental health episodes. 

crisis intervention

VBHS uses crisis intervention services to target the urgent situations where our clients are experiencing acute, psychiatric, and/or personal distress. Our staff will carry out this service by mitigating the impact of the event, facilitating normal recovery process, and restoring their adaptive functioning. We provide immediate and intensive interventions designed to help stabilize the client and prevent hospitalization, conduct situational risk of harm assessments, and follow-up and debriefing session to ensure stabilization, continuity of care and identification of referral resources for ongoing community mental and/or behavioral health services.